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Wacky Wheels HD Reboot Now Coming To Android As Well

While it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see an Android edition of Mario Kart mobile mode-7 racing fanatics needn’t despair as one of the most legendary kart racers ever created is coming back in a very big way. The MS-DOS racing classic from Apogee Wacky Wheels is set to return to the gaming spotlight in epic fashion as an expansive HD remake with the same name from indie developer Cascadia Games(2-Bit Cowboy, Ammo Pigs) that keeps the spirit of the original cartoon animal racer alive while updating its gameplay formula with bigger tracks, new drivers, and reworked mechanics designed to transform this new iteration of Wacky Wheels into the definitive mode-7 style kart racer. And while until now it’s only been reported as being in development for iOS, PC, and Mac platforms after reaching out to Cascadia Games for verification SGD can now confirm that the Wacky Wheels reboot will also eventually be making its way onto Android as well.

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Even though it’s still deep into development the Wacky Wheels reboot already looks flat-out gorgeous and appears to be well on its way to recreating the magic of the original, something anyone who grew up in the MS-DOS era of gaming is sure to appreciate. Cascadia Games recently released an impressive new trailer showing off the game’s latest alpha build which we’ve embedded below.


Following its planned launch on Steam Greenlight and other platforms later this year the Wacky Wheels team will then be setting its sights on the Android edition for those who want to take their mode-7 addiction on the go.

Developer Website – Cascadia Games

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  • Is it weird that I find this more appealing then a 3D racer? Maybe it’s the nostalgia but I’m excited. The mode 7 (I’m assuming it’s not actually mode 7 but a modern implementation) looks great!

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