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Unique Audio Based Horror Game Dark Echo Creeps Onto Android

As far as horror games go nowadays many fans of the genre have begun to feel like every new release that arrives seems to be creatively tapped out, often resorting to either jump scares or gross out tactics that have long since passed their prime. However one truly innovative new horror game is bucking that trend with a beautiful audio based approach that manages to deliver an incredible amount of atmosphere with almost non-existent graphics.

Indie developer RAC7 Games’ terrific new minimal entry in the horror genre Dark Echo sits in stark contrast to the majority of its peers thanks to its well designed gameplay and intelligent use of what visuals it does have. Whereas in most horror games if your character succumbs to a bloody death you’re treated to the whole gruesome affair in eyeball searing HD, Dark Echo brilliantly leaves these types of moments up to the player’s imagination as deadly traps and supernatural enemies are represented by ominous patterns of crimson red lines.

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That’s because although in Dark Echo players are trapped in a spooky dungeon filled with danger, the only visuals players see are the echolocation vibrations generated by movement through the environment which leads to tense moments you wont find in any other game. This intriguing game mechanic serves as the crux of Dark Echo’s design as players need to pay more attention to what they hear than see since their sight only serves as a small part of the survival equation.


If you’re looking for a horror game that is truly different, be sure to give Dark Echo a try. It’s available now for $1.99 on Google Play.

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