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Campy Action RPG Super Legend Of Flynn 64 Leaps Onto Android

Metal Gear Solid tribute game Hundred Fires developer David Amado Fernandez has released some great games before, but with his highly ambitious new 3D action adventure game Super Legend Of Flynn 64 he’s really taken things to a whole new level of game design. This magnificent new action RPG pays homage to gaming history with a cavalcade of tongue in cheek references while smoothly mixing together elements of Super Mario 64 and The Legend Of Zelda together to make what is easily one of the best new indie action games in recent memory. With its jaw droppingly beautiful N64 esque graphics and massive quest jam packed full of stuff to do and enemies to smash Super Legend Of Flynn 64 just might be David Amado Fernandez’s magnum opus.

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In Super Legend Of Flynn 64 players take on the role of title character Flynn as he embarks on an expansive N64 inspired journey that has campy references for just about every video game in history from Mario to Assassin’s Creed to a nightmare version of Sonic The Hedgehog. Drawing influences from Mario 64, Ocarina Of Time, and Super Mario Land on 3DS this ambitious action RPG features classic console style combat that marries together Mario and Zelda game mechanics in a game where players can both dispatch enemies with their mighty sword and hop on the bad guys heads. It’s also got a charming story that humorously takes place in a post-apocalyptic future where the only historical artifacts available to civilization are video games which have consequently become the new world religion that everyone bases themselves on.


Super Legend Of Flynn 64 is an awesome blast from the past that packs an entire console games worth of action on mobile, although it might not be the console you’re thinking of! You can pick up Super Legend of Flynn 64 for $1.59 on Google Play.

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One Response to Campy Action RPG Super Legend Of Flynn 64 Leaps Onto Android

  1. wildmonky says:

    I want to like this game, but it suffers from an idiosyncrasy of the system it’s inspired by: bad camera controls.

    I can control the cute character fine but he will eventually get into an angle where the camera is in front of or to the side of the character. A second digital joypad would fix this.

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