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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #71 – Saturday Edition

Welcome to a special Saturday edition of the Super Game Droid Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, your weekly guide to the latest and greatest indie games available on the Android platform!

Each week our dedicated editorial team spends countless hours scouring the depths of the internet in order to bring you the best new indie Android games we can find. We then take our absolute favorites for the week and compile them all together in this handy dandy round-up so you’ll always have an easy way of discovering some awesome new indie games to play on Android!

Whether you’re looking for a challenging new platformer, an action packed shooter, or even just a good old fashioned puzzler SGD has got you covered so check out all 25 of the awesome new indie games below and make sure to vote for your favorite on the poll at the bottom of the page. As always, the game with the most votes as of Tuesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and will be featured on our front page!


Age Of Wonder The Lost Scrolls from Bitnest Software

This charming new physics puzzler is the sequel to a popular flash game called Age of Wonder that takes the original game’s mechanics even further. As the chief librarian of an ancient library it’s up to players to deliver knowledge to his underlings through force by flinging scrolls at them at high speed. It won’t be easy though as these followers are often hiding behind tricky logic puzzles that require both good analytical skills and an eye for trajectory.

ageofwonders ageofwonders2


All Systems DOWN from Feliks Balzer

From the indie developer behind the spooky adventure game Skullz comes an addicting new twitch arcade game that will push your reaction abilities to their limits. Players take on the role of the pilot of a currently-in-the-progress of crashing spaceship as they attempt to use the blasters on their ship to reduce their rate of descent. These blasters need ammo however and the only way to get more is to pick up raw material on the way down which quickly becomes a tricky proposition thanks to the fact that any stray bullets will vaporize incoming ammo.



Ammo Pigs from Cascadia Games

Cascadia Games, the indie developer behind last year’s nostalgia heavy homage to the Gameboy 2-Bit Cowboy, is back with another awesome retro shoot ‘em up called Ammo Pigs that keeps the old school sensibilities of its predecessor while taking things into a wildly different direction. This time around rather than sticking with 2-Bit Cowboy’s Gameboy motif the developer has instead drawn inspiration from the glory days of MS-DOS gaming when shareware was king and games like the original Duke Nukem series were exploring the finer points of pixelated blood as an art form. It’s in this tradition that Ammo Pigs revels as it’s been designed to look and play like a long lost gem hidden away on some dusty old floppy disk.

ammopigs2 ammopigs


Atlantic Trip from Victorafael

This high flying new physics runner has players strapping a pair of wings to their station wagon on a bet that they will be able to cross the entire Atlantic ocean, because they’re just that awesome. Surprisingly this becomes possible thanks to tanks of gasoline delivered via parachute to power their airborne vehicle as they attempt to use their momentum to pick up coins for power ups that give them interesting upgrades like a dog that will fly along side you and occasionally pick up any missed power ups. Just be careful, as the sea presents plenty of hidden dangers such as ridiciously huge car eating sharks that will leap out of the ocean unexpectedly in order to chomp down on a quick snack.

atlantictrip2 atlantictrip23


Because Zombies from DoubleSmoked Software

A terrific new 3D trap defense game by the name of Because Zombies has arrived on Android and is quickly making a name for itself with its intriguing Orcs Must Die meets Plants VS Zombies play style that puts a bit more of an action heavy spin on the whole affair than your typical tower defense title. Created by indie developer DoubleSmoked Software, Because Zombies takes a different approach to tower defense by infusing the genre with a Left 4 Dead esque sensibility that fundamentally reworks many of its most common game mechanics in interesting new undead based ways. So unlike most tower defense games instead of laying down simple arrow and magic spewing structures in Because Zombies players have a ton of cool ways to fight back against the shambling hordes like giant spikes, attack dogs, and oversized machine guns.

becausezombies becausezombies234


Bing Bong from Nickervision

Not only is the new minimalist arcade game Bing Bong surprisingly addicting, it’s also completely free. This shape based dodge ’em up has players controlling a circle as it bounces off the top and bottom of the screen in order to avoid being hit by any oncoming enemy polyhedrons in a manic re-interpretation of a metronome in video game form. By slowing down the circle at key points and paying attention to oncoming headlights players will be able to keep the game going which gradually becomes more difficult as new enemy types are introduced. The developer of Bing Bong has also taken the step of disabling ads by default with those that wish to support the game being able to turn them on in the settings which is a pretty neat design philosophy.

bingbong bingbong2


Colour Labyrinth 3D from Finalslice

Finalslice, the indie studio behind previous round-up entries Truck N Roll and Water My Plant, has returned with a beautiful new endless runner that throws in its own special twist. Like many games in the genre the idea is to avoid getting squished against oncoming walls but Colour Labyrinth 3D makes things markedly more involved by adding in a maze-like approach that will challenge players minds as well as their reflexes. Shifting platforms, seeming dead-ends, and rapid perspective changes are just some of the obstacles players will face in this colorful new endless runner.



Dark Echo from RAC7

Indie developer RAC7 Games’ terrific new minimal entry in the horror genre Dark Echo sits in stark contrast to the majority of its peers thanks to its well designed gameplay and intelligent use of what visuals it does have. Whereas in most horror games if your character succumbs to a bloody death you’re treated to the whole gruesome affair in eyeball searing HD, Dark Echo brilliantly leaves these types of moments up to the player’s imagination as deadly traps and supernatural enemies are represented by ominous patterns of crimson red lines.

darkecho2 darkecho3


Dice Craft from Mega Cell

From Korean based developer Mega Cell comes an interesting new hybrid strategy RPG that meshes together traditional role playing elements with a vivacious board game setting. As an intrepid warrior vanquishing evil players will travel the lands, which in this case takes place across various gameboards, fighting monsters and building structures that will aid them in their quest. More than just a gimmick, the tabletop elements work rather well here and help add extra variables to the gameplay.



Draw Slasher from Mass Creation

It may have been a bit of a wait, but indie developer Mass Creation’s mesmerizing Playstation Vita touch based beat ’em up Draw Slasher has finally arrived on Android in all its gory glory. This exquisitely animated action game pits players as a butt kicking ninja against an army of pirates, monkeys, zombies, and even the universally feared pirate monkey zombies as they slice their guts up Fruit Ninja style. Not to be confused with an older rendition of Draw Slasher released by Gamelion some time ago, this version of Draw Slasher is the real deal and features everything people loved about the Vita edition of the game from its original developers.

drawslasher drawslasher2


Giraffe Winter Sports Simulator from AppLava

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you strapped a jetpack to a giraffe and sent him down a ski slope? No? Well, prepare to be amazed as indie developer AppLava’s wacky new physics runner Giraffe Winter Sports Simulator does just that and manages to deliver an addictingly fun play style in the process. You see, giraffes aren’t particularly aerodynamic which means keeping your spotted friend aloft is a challenge in and of itself that usually ends in frantic loop-de-loops through the air followed by a resounding thud.

giraffesports giraffesports2


Hexjack from Shimmergloom

This unique new pixel puzzler combines elements of 2048 with the polish of Hearthstone in a polygonal logic setting that offers plenty of variety to give it a special style all to its own. In this surprisingly deep card-strategy inspired puzzler players attempt to clear the board by matching up corresponding pieces with the ones they are holding in their deck. There is a lot to learn about how to properly play Hexjack but those that stick it out will find a wonderfully unique experience every aspiring puzzle master will adore.



King Of Thieves from Piniosoft

Metal Gear Solid meets Thief in this stealth based adventure game from independent studio Piniosoft where guards roam the halls of a luxurious castle filled to the brim with treasure. As a master thief out to loot this highly secure establishment players will need to sneak their way around patrols in order to gather up gold and escape to the exit without being seen. By staying out of the guards’ field of vision and ducking for cover players will be able to evade capture which becomes increasingly more precarious as the levels go on.

kingoftheieves kingoftheieves2


Monster Vs Sheep from Goon Studios

In this bombastic new 3D arcade game from Boogey Boy developer Goon Studios a kaiju has arrived to wreck the cities of the world and the only way to stop it is with giant robots!……err, I mean a bunch of sheep! While not quite the same as punching a giant monster in the face this still leads to immensely satisfying and rather hilarious gameplay as players attempt to feed the beast with so many sheep that it passes out from eating too much. In this game in order to save the world you’ll need good aim and a quick finger.

monstervssheep monstervssheep2


Orb Trials from Michael Sherwin

There are lots of mobile games that draw comparisons to the eponymous Marble Madness series of old but one great new physics platformer called Orb Trials comes the closest to proving that adage that we’ve seen yet. As players take control of an orb floating on platforms in the sky they’ll need to get it from one end of the level to the other in time without falling off into the airspace below or getting trounced by a trap. That’s easier said than done however as in addition to successfully rolling along the narrow ledges adorning each level players will also have to solve complex physics puzzles just like in the classic Marble Madness games.

orbtrials orbtrials2


Pixel Ninja Temple from Iván Carrascosa

A fantastic new retro platformer by the name of Pixel Ninja Temple has arrived and its simultaneously addicting and infuriating gameplay will have you cursing your feeble video game skills in grand Super Meat Boy style fashion. As the aforementioned ninja players will attempt to make it to the end of 40 ludicrously dangerous levels and counting filled with lava, lasers, axes, and more all the while making sure to collect the various shurikens strewn about the environment. While it can be tough as nails Pixel Ninja Temple is also a finely tuned platformer that any fan of the genre will gobble right up.

pixelninja pixelninja2


Pixeling from Slice Of Watermelon Games

A natural evolution of the cookie clicker RPG sub-genre, Pixeling expands things a tad bit further than those games by introducing novel Whack-A-Mole mechanics that leads to an exponentially more stimulating experience. While it does share similarities with cookie clicker games in Pixeling rather than simply tap on the screen like a madman there is instead more strategy involved as players must face multiple enemies at once that pop up on a 3×3 grid in addition to the occasional gigantic fearsome boss. There are also different types of enemies that each require their own strategies to beat such as piranha plants that can only be damaged when they’re not in the process of attacking.



Pixelman from Kindermann Corp

In this wacky new endless arcade runner satire on superheroes from indie studio Kindermann Corp players take on the role of a caped crusader flying through the sky as they chase after a megalomaniacal madman bent on carrying out a fiendishly evil scheme that threatens the entire city. Just because players can fly though doesn’t mean they’re invincible as crashing into a building, getting hit by a semi, or being blown up by the evil genius’s bombs will spell game over if they’re not careful. Along the way players will also need to rescue captured citizens which will in turn give them a heroically high score.

pixelman pixelman2


Polygonous from Tactagara Games

Indie developer Tactagara Games’ uber-nostalgic new arcade shooter Polygonous offers up fantastic retro style gameplay that mixes up elements of Tempest, Geometry Wars, and Asteroids. Polygonous builds upon the shoot ’em up genre’s fundamental mechanics in an elegant way by tasking players with destroying the power cores of each level without getting shot down by enemy fire or trying to blow up a power core with the wrong ammo type. Each power core has its own corresponding shot type needed to damage it which can only be procured by bizarre floating head enemies flying around the level, otherwise shooting it without the right type of ammo will result in the power core blasting waves of deadly energy back in retaliation which creates an interesting gameplay dynamic that becomes more complex as additional enemy types and challenges are added.

polygonous polygonous2


RedTie from Purple Light

This simple but highly engaging new endless platformer has echoes of Flappy Bird and Super Meat Boy but with a macabre twist as players attempt to jump as high as possible without getting crushed by logs or chopped in half by a buzzsaw. RedTie is the kind of game that you find yourself playing over and over again because you know you can always go better than last time due to the amount of finesse needed in order excel at its physics based gameplay. Timing is everything in this addicting new platformer where properly judging your jump height means the difference between a high score and a game over.



Super Bad Roads 2000 from Laurent Bakowski

Indie developer Laurent Bakowski, creator of the fan favorite Bad Roads franchise, is hard at work on the third iteration of the series but in order to tide fans over until then he’s released a quirky new spinoff called Super Bad Roads 2000 that distills the Bad Roads formula into a more refined retro experience like what you’d expect out of a fine tuned NES game without sacrificing any of its predecessors addicting game mechanics. In fact it’s even better in some respects thanks to a new enhanced physics engine that provides much more intuitive car handling and a more straightforward approach to its precarious balance based gameplay.

Screenshot_2015-02-20-22-28-26 Screenshot_2015-02-20-22-29-31


Super Legend Of Flynn 64 from David Amado Fernandez

Metal Gear Solid tribute game Hundred Fires developer David Amado Fernandez has released some great games before, but with his highly ambitious new 3D action adventure game Super Legend Of Flynn 64 he’s really taken things to a whole new level of game design. This magnificent new action RPG pays homage to gaming history with a cavalcade of tongue in cheek references while smoothly mixing together elements of Super Mario 64 and The Legend Of Zelda together to make what is easily one of the best new indie action games in recent memory. With its jaw droppingly beautiful N64 esque graphics and massive quest jam packed full of stuff to do and enemies to smash Super Legend Of Flynn 64 just might be David Amado Fernandez’s magnum opus.

superlegendofflynng64 superflynn64


Swap Heroes 2 from Chris Savory

From indie developer Chris Savory, the creative force behind The Boy With The Bombs, comes a supremely superb sequel to his iOS puzzle RPG Swap Heroes that feels like a long lost SNES classic that was found after ages in some vault. As the leader of an intrepid band of wandering adventurers players will need to fight against all types of fantastical baddies using tactical turn based gameplay and a knack for synergistic combat. Players can put together their own custom party built from 8 different heroes with different abilities which leads to a large array of attack styles.



The Cubes from You Can Star

If you’ve ever seen the classic sci-fi horror movie “Cube” before you might have wondered why no one ever bothered to make a game using the same story concept since it almost seemed ready made for that purpose. And while it probably didn’t have anything to do with that film, the mind bending new 3D puzzler The Cubes thoroughly scratches that itch as players are similarly challenged from escaping a seemingly never ending and hellish maze made up of fiendishly designed puzzle traps. Players will need to solve the unique logic puzzles that make up each room in order to proceed and must take care to use any tools they happen to find lying around to their maximum capacity in order to gain their freedom from this mechanical labyrinth.



Westward Dystopia from Greek Winter Media

With the advent of the gamebook RPG genre choose your own adventure games have seen a healthy resurgence in recent years thanks to digital remakes of classic Fighting Fantasy type games, but for folks that grew up on such books these releases have still been few and far between. Luckily indie developer Greek Winter Media has just unveiled a vibrantly crafted new interactive fiction tale called Westward Dystopia that brings its own unique take on the genre to the table while keeping everything that’s great about the medium front and center. In this post-apocalyptic tale players fill the shoes of a wandering adventurer in search of powerful hidden relics from the past while being hunted by outlaws and mutants in search of their own ill-gotten fortunes.




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