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Go Spelunking On Alien Planets In New Arcade Shooter GrottyScape

Indie developer Bug Studio is back with a followup to their space fairing roguelike CosmoLands called GrottyScape that keeps the oldschool graphics and sci-fi premise of its predecessor but takes its gameplay into a different direction entirely. That’s because although you are still exploring an alien world circumstances are a little bit different this time around considering players control a brave cave diving adventurer fighting for his life against a never ending horde of pixelated monsters while frantically searching for errant oxygen canisters in order to extend their play time. GrottyScape is a strictly old school affair but what it does it does well as its simple but challenging arcade formula offers a healthy amount of replayability.

grottyscape4 grottyscape

While GrottyScape’s gameplay falls squarely in the arcade shooter category players won’t be mowing down hundreds of baddies at once as ammo is scarce under any planets surface so they’ll have to quickly adapt to making quick fight or flight decisions with the pixelated hordes in a bid to pew-pew another day. Like Super Crate Box with a dash of Mega Man, GrottyScape features several arenas where players will duke it out with the monsters that range in difficulty and present their own specific environmental challenges.


If you’re up for a great new shoot em up that offers a real challenge give GrottyScape a go. It’s available now for free on Google Play.

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