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Sprawling Survival RPG Hunter Legacy Journeys Onto Android

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you were to cross Harvest Moon with Dark Souls? Yeah, me neither but you may be surprised to learn that combination makes for one unapologetically awesome duo as evidenced by a unique new survival based RPG called Hunter Legacy that mixes homesteading and hack ‘n slash combat together into an intriguing retro style experience that subtly draws from some of gamings greatest classics.

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Created by indie developer Cinnabar Games, Hunter Legacy puts players in the role of a young adventurer descended from a renowned lineage of world class hunters who has just inherited a plot of land from their ancestor and must venture forth to fight goblins, zombies, and even ordinary wildlife in a quest for loot and raw materials they can take back to their fortress in-progress in order construct new buildings and equipment. While the homesteading does resemble Harvest Moon in certain aspects the gameplay itself is more of a delightful RPG interpretation of The Oregon Trail as players indirectly control their character on a perilous 2D journey that boasts a staggering 36 different attack strategies consisting of a variety of arrow and melee based mechanics that provide satisfyingly deep combat.


Hunter Legacy is a novel new RPG with great ideas. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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