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Game & Watch Style Shoot ‘Em Up Nightmare Blasts Onto Android

If you’re old enough to remember the stone age of portable gaming when cheap one-off LCD based games were all the rage, you probably saw just about every kind of game from Castlevania to Street Fighter make its way onto Tiger branded plastic handhelds that had less processing power than your typical calculator. However one game genre I don’t recall ever seeing were bullet hell shooters even though with a little finagling it may have been technically feasible at the time. A challenging new Game & Watch inspired arcade shooter called Nightmare is exploring that possibility by bringing back the beautiful simplicity of old school LCD game design in spirit with intense action that pays homage to classic shoot ’em ups without straying too far from what would have been possible were it made back in the heyday of Tiger handhelds.


Created by indie developer Gon Lee, Nightmare casts players as a demon slaying warrior who has become trapped in a nightmare dimension and must fight his way past a horde of unique monsters and crazy powerful bosses in order to escape. Visually Nightmare is an appealing looking game with its Game & Watch esque sprites but the real reason why its worth checking out is due to its addicting and varied gameplay that makes smart use of enemy wave patterns in the tradition of games like Ikaruga. Nightmare’s simple but effective bullet hell formula keeps things interesting by introducing one new type of enemy after the other in the middle of blizzard style barrages of pixelated gun fire which forces players to stay on their toes.


Nightmare is a great new shoot ’em up with a retro sense of style. You can try out the first level for free by downloading the light version while the full version will run you a dollar.

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