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Godly New Strategy Game Religion Simulator Descends Onto Android

While most god games tend to focus on unleashing players’ benevolence and creativity through glorified digital sculpting tools there are very few that choose to explore the darker, more primal aspects of what actually being a deity in an ancient world would entail. An intriguing new 3D strategy game called Religion Simulator is doing just that by putting players in charge of their own customizable religion as they aim to conquer the world before a rival god beats them to it. In order to do this players need followers which they gain by converting new regions of the globe through either force, peace, or coercion depending on what tenants they’ve chosen as the basis for their faction’s faith.

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While the theme of religion serves as the crux of Religion Simulator’s identity its foundation is a very solid real time strategy game with a unique twist. Players start out controlling only a small portion of the planet and are given a wide array of choices about how they want their followers to act which will directly affect the way their religion operates and expands. This high level of customization allows for a great deal of nuance and is what gives Religion Simulator its hook.


Religion Simulator is a unique new strategy game that veterans of the genre will enjoy. It’s available now for $2.99 on Google Play.

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