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Balance Of The Shaolin Sequel Endless Balance Leans On Android

The hit arcade physics game Balance Of The Shaolin is back with an addicting new followup called Endless Balance that takes the zany twitch action of its predecessor to never before seen heights. Developer Tapinator’s interesting new spinoff keeps the same basic premise but rather than doling out individual challenges for players to conquer it instead takes an endless approach to gameplay with brand new locales to contend with. This time around instead of balancing on the statue of liberty or a volcano players instead must keep their posture skyward as they struggle to stay atop an endlessly growing tree.

endlessbalance2 endlessbalance23

If you’ve played Balance Of The Shaolin before you’ll immediately recognize its simple but intuitive game design has remained largely intact. Players must tap on either side of the screen to keep their balance amidst turbulent winds while making sure to jump whenever any projectiles come flying at them. Endless Balance includes many new surprise settings and extra characters players can unlock as they reach certain plateaus.


Whether you’re a fan of Balance Of The Shaolin or are just in the mood for an addicting arcade game be sure to check out Endless Balance. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.

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