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Space Bounties Inc. Review

While most roguelike RPGs have players running around like they were at the renaissance festival one awesome new tactical role playing game called Space Bounties Inc is letting them fulfill every kids childhood dream of being an intergalactic butt kicking anti-hero like Boba Fett. Created by indie studio Dancing Cat Development, Space Bounties Inc is a great new retro RPG in the grand tradition of classic floppy disk based PC games where players can put together their very own futuristic A-Team and go on an infinite amount of procedurally generated bounty hunting missions tracking down alien scum. With its high replay value and nostalgic gameplay Space Bounties Inc does a commendable job bringing old school RPG strategy to Android.

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As the leader of their very own intrepid alien bounty hunting business players must recruit specialized agents to go out in the field and take down intergalactic villains as well as their nefarious henchmen. With each battle players will collect loot they can use to unlock powerful new equipment and upgrade their heroes but watch out as in this game when one of your characters die they are gone for good. This gives a tense air to the proceedings since every character is randomly generated and if players lose one of their favorite fighters they’ll have to quickly adapt their strategy on the fly.


An addicting new tactical RPG with plenty of depth, Space Bounties Inc feels like a glorious blast from the past. You can pick it up now for $1.99 on Google Play.

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Space Bounties Inc. Review Craig Forshey


Summary: Satisfying futuristic RPG combat, high replay value, and a heavy dose of nostalgia make Space Bounties Inc. a worthwhile experience.



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