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Dark Souls Style Runner Defend Or Die Charges Onto Android

One of From Software’s Souls series’ most defining traits is its intuitive pseudo-realistic approach to sword and shield combat that helps to make the player feel as if they were the one doing the hacking ‘n slashing. An interesting new RPG runner from Tify & Forest Of Life developer Dreamboat Studio called Defend Or Die has seemingly taken note of how popular this approach has become as it adapts some of the same core design philosophy into a more mobile palatable format. So while the idea of an RPG based runner may not be entirely new Defend Or Die sets its self apart from the crowd by giving players nearly 1-1 control over how their character moves his shield and sword.

defendordie defendordie444

While most RPG style runners have players simply running and jumping to defeat enemies in Defend Or Die players must concentrate exclusively on wielding their shield & sword so as to block arrows and smite their foes. This forces players to simultaneously focus their attention on both defending and attacking as the enemies they encounter have shields of their own that players have to counter by striking at unguarded parts of their armor. As players progress from chapter to chapter the enemies will get progressively stronger and new types will appear that each present their own unique tactical problem. However players are able to increase their power as well by making smart use of stray character buffs they loot from the battlefield and upgrading their skill set whenever possible.


Defend Or Die takes an interesting approach to RPG based runner gameplay that is worth a look. It’s available now as both a free lite version and a paid version for $2.

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