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Fight Feral Wolves In New Retro Adventure Game Tiny Survivor

If you’ve ever wished for a video game adaptation of the action movie The Grey then you my strange friend are in luck as indie developer Boris K’s retro style survival game Tiny Survivor has arrived on the scene to sate your inner Liam Neeson. This simple but promising old school survival based adventure game has players fighting for their pixelated lives in the middle of the wilderness as they battle it out with the elements and a relentless pack of wolves. In order to make it through the night players will have to construct makeshift tools, build a shelter, and fight off the occasional wolf attack.

tinysurvival tinysurvival2

Strategic resource management is key in Tiny Survivor as players must carefully manage their use of the games three resources in order to either protect or empower themselves. Do you use your wood to build a wall to keep the wolves out or a campfire to help heal? Do you use your iron ore to lay down spike traps or to upgrade your pickaxe? These questions are at the core of Tiny Survivor and help to give it an engaging dynamic.


The developer has ambitious plans to greatly expand the gameplay in future updates so it’ll be interesting to see where it goes from here but even now Tiny Survivor is already a really neat experience. You can pick Tiny Survivor up now for free on Google Play.

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  • I really wish more mobile developers would realize movement buttons need to slide a little bit. Think about using a nes controller. It’s digital, of course, not analog but it’s designed as such that the buttons have some wiggle room in their movement.

    I would be able to enjoy this game if the movement buttons target area wasn’t so rigid.

    • Boris K

      I’ll take that in account for the next update

      Thanks for the feedback

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