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Old School Strategy RPG Knights Of Aira Journeys Onto Android

A charming new strategy RPG from indie developer Falcon Technologies called Knights Of Aira has arrived and its campy irreverence to tactics classics like Fire Emblem gives it an endearingly nostalgic feel. Much like squad based role playing games of old such as Shining Force, Knights Of Aira is a turn based strategy affair that has players leading a merry band of archers, knights, wizards, and more as they embark on epic story based campaigns that will push their tactical prowess to its limit. Rather than resort to gimmicks as so many mobile strategy games are wanton to do nowadays Knights Of Aira instead focuses on delivering a polished old school experience that strategy buffs will adore.

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At the start of every battle scenario players are given a set amount of troops to work with that they’ll need to command with Chess-like precision in order to prevail against their enemies. Each unit type has its own strengths and weaknesses which smart players should take into account when they’re charging forth into the goblin hordes. In other words, you don’t want your archer trying to go mano-a-mano against a giant rabid yeti. Luckily players will also have the aid of powerful hero units that can help win the day but only if they survive.


Knights Of Aira is a great new strategy RPG homage that fans of the genre will enjoy. The full game is divided into two meaty campaigns with the first campaign “The Company Of Sir Oswell” being completely free while the second expansion campaign “Grushnak’s Goblins” costs $1.99.


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