Published on March 14th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Avoid Errant Asteroids In New Orbit Based Runner Gravity Trek

From the indie developer behind the devilishly clever puzzle platformer FIVE5 comes a hypnotically challenging new physics based avoid em up called Gravity Trek that keeps the Super Meat Boy inspired level of difficulty of its predecessor but ditches the old school platforming in favor of a skill based amalgamation of Asteroids and Lunar Lander on steroids that will paradoxically leave players both howling in frustration and with a smile on their face. While it is indeed a straightforward avoidance runner Gravity Trek also has a killer ace up its sleeve in the form of one of the more original spins on single touch gameplay we’ve seen in quite some time. In Gravity Trek players must simply avoid crashing their rocket ship into the many asteroids floating around in space but the twist here is that players only have control over their thruster and must rely on a wildly dangerous orbiting pattern that takes them right through an active asteroid field.


Without access to their ships navigational systems players must strategically fire their thrusters in order to use the orbit path as a slingshot around all the dangerous debris lying in their way. This can be an extremely difficult style of gameplay to get used to at first due to it taking a while to get a good feel of how the ship handles which leads to many quick deaths and frustration similar to Super Meat Boy but those that stick it out will find that Gravity Trek’s physics engine also packs in a great deal of nuance that skilled players can capitalize on.


It may take a moment or two to get the hang of but Gravity Trek is also an addicting physics based runner that provides a worthy challenge. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.

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