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Smash Bugs In Zero G With New Arcade Tap Em Up SciAnts

There’s a classic episode of The Simpsons where Homer joins a mission into space and smuggles a bag of chips aboard the shuttle which leads to some hilarious zero gravity antics involving an experimental ant colony he accidentally sets loose. If you’ve ever wished you could experience this moment in video game form you’re in luck, as an addicting new arcade style tap em up called SciAnts lets players do just that albeit with a bit of a twist. Created by indie developer Tile Isle and published by Madsoft Games, SciAnts is a wacky action tapper with light cookie clicker esque RPG elements that tasks players with defending their only supply of space food from being devoured by a voracious army of super powered ants.

sciants sciants3

Before this space ant horde can cart off all the food back to their queen players must squish the pesky insects and gobble up all the grub before its too late. It wont be easy though as in addition to there being tons of them these ants have also mutated to be super muscular, develop telekinetic powers, and acquire other bizarre sci-fi traits. Fortunately unlike alot of other arcade style games SciAnts also has a rudimentary leveling up system that allows players to garner experience points that will increase their bug smashing prowess and unlock special abilities.


A mix of light gun games, cookie clicker RPGs, and those classic retro games where you smashed bugs with a pixelated fly swatter, SciAnts is an enjoyable arcade tap em up with great replay value. You can pick it up for free on Google Play.

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