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Free Connect 4 SRPG Hybrid Dungeon Dropper Hits Android

Indie developer Richard Dent has made a bit of a name for himself with interesting strategy/TCG mashups like Mage Vs Mage but his latest entry into the genre, Dungeon Dropper, is perhaps his most ambitious game to date. That’s because this fascinating new hybrid of trading card game and Connect 4 opens up opportunities for intriguing gameplay that remixes familiar TCG mechanics with strategy RPG sensibilities to create addicting battlefield dynamics. And while it may not be the flashiest game around Dungeon Dropper is still more than worth checking out thanks to it being a completely free game with no ads or in app purchases to worry about at all.

dungeondropper dungeondropper2

Dungeon Dropper distinguishes itself from other trading card games like Hearthstone by placing importance on players maneuvering around their opponents above all else in order to both gain a tactical advantage and to line up four of their cards in a row which will win them the match. In addition to its Connect 4 inspired gameplay Dungeon Dropper has a fairly meaty campaign mode that allows players to capture new cards as they defeat opponents in battle and can then use the cards they’ve unlocked to build their own custom deck. There’s also a pretty cool single device multiplayer mode that lets 2 players duke it out for trading card supremacy.


An interesting mashup of Hearthstone and Connect 4, Dungeon Dropper is available now on Google Play for free with no ads or in app purchases.

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  • Jack Bonar

    Dude that made this plugged it on Reddit. I am proud to say that I am totally not embarrassed in any way shape or form for losing a game of connect four to a machine because it simply did not happen. Why, I would not be able to live with myself if such a thing or true, and so for the record, I would like to state that never have I been beaten by the AI of this game.

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