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Be An ET Exterminator In New Sci-Fi Tactics RPG Alien Star Menace

A quirky new squad based tactics RPG named Alien Star Menace has arrived and its engaging X-Com meets Final Fantasy Tactics flair mixed with a heavy dose of satirical wit is sure to delight strategy buffs on the hunt for an addicting experience they can sink their teeth into. Released by indie developer The Animal Farm Creations, Alien Star Menace combines a sarcastic riff on cheesy sci-fi movies with simple but deep turn based strategy gameplay that gives players a ton of different ways to customize their very own alien-slaying dream team. And while its charming sense of humor and endearing graphics are definite pluses the real appeal of Alien Star Menace lies in its expansive game design that encourages players to continuously refine their squad’s tactics.

alienstarmenace2 alienstarmenace3

While Alien Star Menace shares the basic premise and presentation of retro Final Fantasy Tactics style games it also draws inspiration from the X-Com series to an extant thanks to players only having access to 5 units on any given mission which can make for dramatically different playthroughs. Things start out simple enough with standard turn based RPG combat but as players begin to advance through the stages and unlock unique new units they’ll also run into devious new enemy unit types that can attack in unexpected ways. It’s this constant back and forth set against a backdrop of the humorous adventures of the worst Star Trek crew ever that gives Alien Star Menace its charm.


If you’re into strategy games like X-Com or Final Fantasy Tactics, Alien Star Menace will be right up your alley. You can pick it up now for free on Google Play.

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