Published on April 6th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Go Dungeon Spelunking In New Retro Roguelike Warrior Heart

With the Android RPG genre continuing to grow ever larger it can sometimes feel as if roguelike games have been crossbred with nearly every other genre imaginable in an attempt to stand out, to the point where sometimes you just want to kick things old school without any silly gimmicks getting in the way. Fortunately one traditionally minded roguelike by the name of Warrior Heart has arrived to heed that clarion call with permadeath, tactically minded turn based combat, and all the things that make roguelike RPGs so infinitely replayable. The brainchild of indie developer Team Pocha, Warrior Heart is a challenging yet satisfying turnbased roguelike that is retro both in look and feel without straying into derivative territory.

warriorheart2 warriorheart234

Warrior Heart is a traditional roguelike through and through that sticks with what works rather than resorting to gimmicks and instead focuses on delivering a solid gameplay experience. As one of four fearless adventurers it’s up to players to fight their way past hordes of gruesome monsters while scouring for powerful items and gaining tons of experience points in order to level up. Although its basic gameplay structure is relatively straightforward, like any good roguelike Warrior Heart allows for alot of nuance in player’s battle strategy as they engage in turn based grid combat.


A solid throwback to the roguelikes of old, Warrior Heart is available now for $1.80 on Google Play.

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