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Haunting Puzzle Platformer The Gordian Knot Leaps Onto Android

An endearingly dream-like new puzzle style platformer called The Gordian Knot has arrived on Android, bringing with it a thought provoking approach to problem solving alongside a surprisingly relaxing atmosphere that serves as a polar opposite of most rage inducing mobile puzzlers. Created by indie developer Kwid Media, The Gordian Knot is a logic puzzle based sidescroller that counter-intuitively combines head scratching Scribblenauts-esque gameplay and a complete lack of any way to die which allows it to simultaneously be both highly challenging and eminently forgiving.

thegordianknot2 thegordianknot3

As a dashing young inventor whose been trapped inside a labyrinthine castle players must use their wits and platforming agility to solve its fiendish array of traps and escape. While it does have standard run ‘n jump platformer elements The Gordian Knot puts almost all of its emphasis on puzzle solving by presenting players with a continuously evolving set of traps that require the logical application of items in order to overcome. In-game items act similarly to their real life counterparts resulting in quite a few “A-ha!” moments such as when players realize they can throw a lamp onto a bale of hay in order to set it on fire so they can poison the bats blocking their way with pesticide they found in the castle’s basement.


If you’re up for a puzzle platformer that will make you think, be sure to check out the The Gordian Knot. It’s available now on Google Play in both a ad-supported edition and a $.99 paid edition.

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  • Matt Kwid

    I appreciate the thoughtful write up. Thanks guys!

  • GuitarAnthony

    What “in-app purchases” are offered past the initial .99 purchase?

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