Published on May 20th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Quest For Tasty Meats In Free Action RPG Crypt Of Baconthulu

After its initial release for the 2009 OHRRPGCE Terrible Games Contest and subsequent revamping in 2013 for desktop computers and OUYA indie developer James Paige(aka Bob The Hamster) of the coding collective Hamster Republic has brought his off the wall action-rpg Crypt Of Baconthulu over to Android devices in all its glory. Like an enormously silly off kilter hybrid of Final Fantasy and the Ys games, Crypt Of Baconthulu is a fun oldschool style adventure with all the charm you’d expect of a 16-bit retro title complete with support for gamepads. Best of all, it’s completely free without a single ad or iap in sight.

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