Published on May 25th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Nocanwin Unleashes Pulp Heavy Micro Game Shredmill On Android

The indie developer behind such pick up & play gems as Cubed Rally Redline and Cubed Snowboarding is back with an addicting new 3D micro runner called Shredmill that feels like what would happen if the entirety of Super Meat Boy took place on a treadmill. A simple but highly engaging “one more time” kind of game, Shredmill tasks players with surviving on a woodmill’s conveyor belt for as long as possible while all sorts of nasty traps attempt to push them to their pulpy doom. Nocanwin is usually known for their sports themed games so Shredmill does represent a bit of a departure from the norm for the developer but thankfully they’ve knocked it out of the park with twitch gameplay that will keep players both simultaneously glued to their screen and fighting the urge to chuck their phone against the wall.

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