Published on May 27th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Respawn Your Way To Freedom In Touch Platformer Clone Factory

From the creators of Flying Fox comes a darkly comedic new touch oriented platformer called Clone Factory that wisely incorporates touch input directly into its game design rather than attempting to shoe horn in virtual buttons as many games do. The brainchild of indie developer Black Fox Studio, Clone Factory is a richly animated anti-runner where players must help an army of mutant clones escape the clutches of their evil mad scientist master who wants to use them for world domination by disabling the horde of traps and other nasty monsters blocking the exit all while their wacky progenitor gives chase. Although the touch platformer mechanic it utilizes isn’t entirely unique Clone Factory makes up for this with frantically challenging game design that breeds addiction thanks to its constant sense of progression and an innate desire for players to see what horrors their little clone friends will run into next.

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