Published on May 29th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Godlike Shoot Em Up Magenta Arcade Descends Upon Android

So we’re a bit late with this one, but we would be absolutely remiss if we didn’t mention how awesome indie developer Long Hat House’s insane new deity based shoot em up Magenta Arcade is. Not only are its game mechanics and presentation impeccable, but Magenta Arcade also utilizes an extremely clever control scheme that turns the player’s own finger into the hitbox and incorporates the ability to lift off the screen directly into the gameplay using the premise that players are a vengeful god on a rampage against evil as a basis. With its top notch action and well thought out design, Magenta Arcade is a terrific new bullet hell shooter that no self respecting shoot em up junkie should be without.

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  • sean

    This is one of the best shooters on Android just because of that hit box.

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