Published on June 4th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Megaman Goes Gothic In New Shooter Tales Of The Dark Lands

When it comes to retro style shoot ’em ups they aren’t usually known for their stories, however one fascinating new Megaman-esque metroidvania called Tales Of The Dark Lands is bucking that trend by basing itself off of a popular Chilean graphic novel of the same name that explores heady themes of post-apocalyptic quests and duels with impossibly large creatures. Tales Of The Dark Lands, or RTO(which stands for Relatos de las Tierras Oscuras), is an old school style action platformer from Chilean indie developer Solid Games with gameplay reminiscent of classics like Contra or Megaman X with an emphasis on exploration and branching paths. It’s a pretty neat title with some cool looking bosses, only catch is you’ll need to know Spanish to understand the cutscenes but Tales Of The Dark Lands is still an enjoyable romp regardless.

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