Published on June 9th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Wacky Arcade Game Show Fighter Sudden Bonus Lands On Android

Tap ’em up style games are all the rage nowadays, but so few offer any real challenge outside of seeing how long you’re able to stave off the onset of carpal tunnel syndrome. So it’s nice to see a clever new twist on the genre called Sudden Bonus has arrived that melds together the bonus rounds from Street Fighter, the quirky family dynamics of Incredible Crisis, and fabulously outrageous game show antics in order to deliver a certifiably addicting arcade action experience with both real challenge and a sense of progression via hilarious unlockables. As the Yonekura family it’s up to players to beat the crap out of any household appliances they find using both normal attacks and special moves so they can put as much time as possible on the clock which will score them more points they can use to improve their fighting abilities.

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