Published on June 11th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Battle Undead Feet In New Retro Horror Shooter Teatime Samurai

A cheeky new twin stick horror shooter by the name of Teatime Samurai has arrived on Android and its got some interesting mechanics to go along with its nostalgic atmosphere. This arcadey pixel art shoot em up from indie developer Ben Ehrlich puts players in the shoes of a veteran martial arts student visiting his master for tea only to find their dojo has been overrun with a horde of nightmarishly bizarre creatures looking to pick a fight. Players will need to fend off the varied enemy creatures using flames from their lantern, but since Teatime Samurai takes place at dusk this presents an interesting dilemma as the less oil ammo players have on hand the smaller their field of vision will be. Teatime Samurai is a simple but fun shooter throwback with a ton of personality and not a single iap mucking up the experience due to it being a traditionally priced game like the classics that inspired it.

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