Published on June 11th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Become A Cowboy In Literal Rail Shooter Big Al’s Shooting Gallery

When it comes to the FPS genre usually the term “on rails” shooter is considered a slight however in the case of indie developer X25 Entertainment they wear it like a badge of honor since that is literally the setup for their fun new 3D shoot em up Big Al’s Shooting Gallery. As a rough ‘n tumble cowboy it’s up to players to ride the rails of a wild west shooting range in order to increase their slim chances of survival in an actual firefight by practicing all the finer points of gunmanship like bonus points for chaining together headshots, blowing up every barrel of dynamite they happen across, and of course perfecting their bullet time prowess whilst doing their best Keanu. Big Al’s Shooting Gallery is also highly replayable thanks to a arcade inspired countdown timer that helps give it the aura of a light gun game as players fight to add time to the clock by scoring big combos and shooting power ups.

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