Published on June 11th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Epic MS-DOS Action Adventure Destiny Of A Sorcerer Hits Android

After releasing their intriguing open world LCD game mashup Veritas to critical acclaim last year indie developer Brainskis is back at it again with another ambitious genre blending adventure called Destiny Of A Sorcerer that crams the aesthetic of a modern action-rpg within the limited artistic constraints of old school ASCII character filled MS-DOS conventions. In this off the wall ode to a time in gaming so retro that proper graphics didn’t even exist yet, players will go on an expansively wacky journey that will take them all over a richly designed pixel world as they unravel a bizarrely fascinating plot that finds the protagonist in one insane scenario after another. There is a great use of perspective at work in Destiny Of A Sorcerer as well as depending on whether players are attempting to solve a puzzle or battling it out with monsters the game will sometimes shift the view between an overhead and a sidescrolling angle which helps to give it a good deal of variety. If you’re into rpgs and are hungry for something different give Destiny Of A Sorcerer a look.

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