Published on June 16th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Arcade Physics Runner Greedy Grubbies Swings Onto Android

An adorable new physics heavy endless runner by the name of Greedy Grubbies has squirmed its way onto Android with a simple but fun spin on the “dodge everything but the kitchen sink” variety of game. In this inaugural release from indie developer Kung Fu Hippie Games players take up the cause of a gluttonous grub as they attempt to eat as much food as they can so as to leave none for the rest of the forest all the while dodging a torrent of rocks plus a few canes from one particularly angry senior grub. This is accomplished by shooting out strands of silk Spiderman style in order to latch onto stray pebbles and pull oneself out of danger which makes for gameplay that is both intense and addicting.

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