Published on June 17th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Hallucinogenic Gravity Platformer Pills4Skills Leaps Onto Android

A mind-melting new physics platformer by the name of Pills4Skills has arrived on Android bringing with it challenging 360 degree sidescrolling and some of the trippiest visuals you’ve ever seen in a video game. The latest creation from Rogue Heroes developer My Kung Fu, Pills4Skills is a gravitationally oriented puzzle platformer with a hallucinogenic twist as players are tasked with making their way past each level’s devious obstacles while popping power up pills that radically alter the game’s visuals in bizarre and unexpected ways. While in many platformers this could easily be dismissed as a gimmick in Pills4Skills it actually works as a fluid part of the level design that keeps players on their toes and gives the game its own unique twist.

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