Published on June 17th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Its Good To Be Bad In New Tactics Style Puzzle RPG Paladin Traducer

An inventive new hybrid puzzle rpg that mashes together tactics inspired combat with traditional match 3 gameplay called Paladin Traducer has slid onto Android and its Final Fantasy Tactics meets Super Puzzle Fighter aesthetic coupled with a more traditional iap-free approach to game design is sure to appeal to all the puzzler aficionados out there. The latest creation from indie developer James Paige, who in addition to being the main architect of the OHRRPGCE also recently released the wacky roguelike Crypt Of Baconthulu, Paladin Traducer tasks players with commanding a phalanx of demons as they attempt to repel the chivalrous invasion of a troupe of bothersome paladins by matching their unit colors together so as to unleash an array of devastating attacks. With its simultaneous focus on both SRPG and traditional matching elements Paladin Traducer brings an interesting proposition to the table while avoiding the free to play pitfalls that so often plague mobile puzzlers.

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