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Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up #74 (Sunday Edition)

Welcome to a special Sunday edition of the Super Game Droid Friday Night Indie Game Round-Up, your weekly guide to the latest and greatest indie games available on the Android platform!

Each week our dedicated editorial team spends countless hours scouring the depths of the internet in order to bring you the best new indie Android games we can find. We then take our absolute favorites for the week and compile them all together in this handy dandy round-up so you’ll always have an easy way of discovering some awesome new indie games to play on Android!

Whether you’re looking for a challenging new platformer, an action packed shooter, or even just a good old fashioned puzzler SGD has got you covered so check out all 25 of the awesome new indie games below and make sure to vote for your favorite on the poll at the bottom of the page. As always, the game with the most votes as of Wednesday morning will be declared our indie game of the week and will be featured on our front page!


BAM Boys from Jason Ozubko

This passion project from indie developer Jason Ozubko is an ode to the Super Mario Bros series that, plot twist, doesn’t suck. In fact it’s really good and apes the classic platforming plumber’s escapades to a tea, offering a responsive control scheme, suitably retro aesthetics, and a high level of replayability due to its procedurally generated level design. If Nintendo ever were to bring a Mario game to Android it would probably look a lot like BAM Boys.

bamnboys bamnboys2


Blob’s Adventure from TurboNuke

Tilt based “labyrinth” games wherein one attempts to roll a ball through a maze are a dime a dozen nowadays so if you’re going to do that sort of thing you better make sure your game stands out which is exactly what indie developer TurboNuke has done with their quirky new 3D platformer Blob’s Adventure, a metaphorical hybrid of Banjoo-Kazooie and Marble Madness with personality. In this endearing isometric collectathon it’s up to players to help a stranded gelatinous astronaut who has crash landed on an alien planet find enough star power in order to build a new rocket before he gets caught by any angry locals. With its varied gameplay and imaginative level design Blob’s Adventure is a rolling good time.

blobadventure23 blobadventure233


Bubbla from Tinysoft

Improving cognitive function and coordination are just some of the many benefits video gaming offers, a key point indie developer Tinysoft has seized upon with their intriguing new memory building cartoon puzzler Bubbla. In this spatial mechanics focused logic puzzler players must help rescue a kidnapped fish queen by solving confounding conundrums aided by the occasional superpower.

bubbla bubbla2


Cayo: Boomerang Journey from No Muse

A top down action adventure game with arcadey sensibilities, Cayo challenges players with looting long lost islands for their buried treasure while avoiding getting eating alive by the prehistoric creatures still inhabiting them. This wont be easy however as players are armed only with a limited set of bombs, their trusty boomerang, and their wits in order to survive the perils of this forgotten world.

cayo cayo2


Chain Demon from Pixcomp Games

Rising up from the deepest pits of the internet comes an addicting new spin on arcade physics games called Chain Demon that differentiates itself from the rest of the pack by incorporating elements of beat em ups of all things. Created by indie developer Pixcomp Games, Chain Demon evokes the aura of an unholy hybrid of Flappy Bird and Splatterhouse as players take on the role of a cranky but adorable demonic fellow and his literal ball & chain buddy as they fight their way out of hell against a horde of pixelated monsters and huge screen filling bosses. While the central “tap to flap” mechanic still plays a big part in the gameplay adding on a tethered weight that doubles as a weapon completely changes the dynamics and gives Chain Demon a fresh although brutally challenging feel.



Chromatic Crash from Alexander Wittmond

Best described as a bizarre game of air hockey on acid, this chaotically colorful new arcade game from indie developer Alexander Wittmond tasks players with flinging a puck around the screen in order to make things explode and chain together huge combos. With its vibrantly eye popping graphical style and color based high score mania Chromatic Crash is the perfect game for those with a short attention span.

chromaticrach chromaticrach2


Circle In A Circle from Apple Gloss

A thoughtful puzzle platformer with highly clever level design that belies its minimalist presentation, Circle In A Circle is a good example of how to do a lot with very little. This physics heavy sidescroller has players rolling a circle within another circle in order to reach the level exit, but doing so is easier said than done as this often requires a deft navigation of the environment plus a good eye for physics.

circleinacircle circleinacircle2


Fail Skater from Ralph Schaedler

This wacky endless platformer from indie developer Ralph Schaedler puts players in the shoes of a foolhardy daredevil skateboarder as he attempts to do tricks in the middle of the highway with predictable results. While the goal of Fail Skater is to keep skating for as long as possible while doing tricks, once players do finally hit the dirt they’ll be rewarded with extra points for having the craziest wipeout possible. It may not be an accurate skateboarding sim but Fail Skater is certainly a fun but frustrating by design physics platformer.

failskater failskater2


FireWhip from Trichotomy Games

Do you remember all those pixelated fireworks simulators you could watch in Windows Media Player? Well someone had the crazy but awesome idea to turn that frenetic array of particles into an addicting new arcade style fighter called FireWhip. That certain someone who probably stared at the aforementioned visualizers for a bit too long when coming up with this intriguing concept happens to be indie developer Dan FitzGerald who you may know from the hit snowplow sim Dawn Of The Plow, and he’s bringing that same polished pedigree over to FireWhip’s simple but intensely satisfying hybrid combat. In this physics heavy beat em up players take control of a fiery whip at the center of the screen that they must rotate at high speeds and slash at a wide variety of spookily retro advancing enemies that each sport their own unique abilities. With its clever approach to gameplay and cacophony of chaotic visuals FireWhip is looking every bit as special as its predecessor.



Greedy Grubbies from Kung Fu Hippie Games

An adorable new physics heavy endless runner by the name of Greedy Grubbies has squirmed its way onto Android with a simple but fun spin on the “dodge everything but the kitchen sink” variety of game. In this inaugural release from indie developer Kung Fu Hippie Games players take up the cause of a gluttonous grub as they attempt to eat as much food as they can so as to leave none for the rest of the forest all the while dodging a torrent of rocks plus a few canes from one particularly angry senior grub. This is accomplished by shooting out strands of silk Spiderman style in order to latch onto stray pebbles and pull oneself out of danger which makes for gameplay that is both intense and addicting.



Origami Crush from Red Potion

Over the years old school shooters have featured all sorts of things as their protagonist, but I can’t honestly remember there ever being a game about paper airplanes going to war with each other. You’d think any such battle would be over rather quickly but if indie developer Red Potion’s quirky new arcade shoot ’em up Origami Crush is any indication it would in fact be an intensely pitched battle with bullet hell style action, an interesting stationary movement mechanic, and plenty of power ups.

origamigcrush origamigcrush2


Paladin Traducer from Hamster Republic

An inventive new hybrid puzzle rpg that mashes together tactics inspired combat with traditional match 3 gameplay called Paladin Traducer has slid onto Android and its Final Fantasy Tactics meets Super Puzzle Fighter aesthetic coupled with a more traditional iap-free approach to game design is sure to appeal to all the puzzler aficionados out there. The latest creation from indie developer James Paige, who in addition to being the main architect of the OHRRPGCE also recently released the wacky roguelike Crypt Of Baconthulu, Paladin Traducer tasks players with commanding a phalanx of demons as they attempt to repel the chivalrous invasion of a troupe of bothersome paladins by matching their unit colors together so as to unleash an array of devastating attacks. With its simultaneous focus on both SRPG and traditional matching elements Paladin Traducer brings an interesting proposition to the table while avoiding the free to play pitfalls that so often plague mobile puzzlers.

paladintraducer4 paladintraducer44


Pedal Panic from InkPad Studios

Afraid of heights and looking for some immersion therapy? Then indie developer InkPad Studios depth-defying new top down endless platformer Pedal Panic is just the ticket. This simple but engaging tilt based arcade runner has players riding a unicycle across construction girders while leaping over dizzying chasms and dodging deadly oil slicks in order to score major points and collect cogs that can be used to unlock additional skins for their character.



Pills4Skills from My Kung Fu

A mind-melting new physics platformer by the name of Pills4Skills has arrived on Android bringing with it challenging 360 degree sidescrolling and some of the trippiest visuals you’ve ever seen in a video game. The latest creation from Rogue Heroes developer My Kung Fu, Pills4Skills is a gravitationally oriented puzzle platformer with a hallucinogenic twist as players are tasked with making their way past each level’s devious obstacles while popping power up pills that radically alter the game’s visuals in bizarre and unexpected ways. While in many platformers this could easily be dismissed as a gimmick in Pills4Skills it actually works as a fluid part of the level design that keeps players on their toes and gives the game its own unique twist.

pillsforskills2 pillsforskills24


Polar Jam from Rokitt Dynamix

Old school style arcade mechanics, touch-centric gameplay, and snazzy 3D graphics collide in indie developer Rokitt Dynamix’s adorable new action-arcade game Polar Jam. As a sort of divine animal deity it’s up to players to protect defenseless penguins from merciless poachers by breaking the ice around them and sending the poachers to their doom before they can harm any wildlife. As players advance through the stages the poachers begin to improve their tactics which helps to keep the gameplay interesting.

polarjam polarjam2


Ruin from MOCBJ Software

Lovers of free stuff and old school rpg’s like Final Fantasy are in a for a real treat as an epic new original role playing game by the name of Ruin has arrived on Android with an impressive amount of depth, all for the low, low, price of gratis. A project years in the making from indie developer MOCBJ Software, Ruin is a completely original jrpg running on the OHRRPGCE framework that uses its own custom soundtrack and graphics to take players on a wild tongue-in-cheek journey as they attempt to save the world right in the midst of an earthquake based apocalypse. In addition to its satisfyingly nostalgic rpg gameplay that feels right out of a SNES Final Fantasy game Ruin also sports several other nifty features not found in old school rpgs such as randomized loot, a crafting based equipment system, and modern gaming niceties like quick travel. If you’re an rpg nut like us be sure to check out Ruin, it’s great and won’t cost you a dime.

ruin3 ruin34


Shipwrecked Shambles from Diversido Mobile

Yarr me mateys! Be ye lookin’ for sea-faring pirate adventure?! Then take a gander at indie developer Diversido Mobile’s salty new bucaneer themed puzzler Shipwrecked Shambles, the scurviest tile trial this side of the seven seas! As a fearless pirate lord it’s up to players to rearrange their crew about the ship’s deck in order to achieve harmony between man and the mysterious beasts lurking in the murky waters below.

shipwreckedshambles shipwreckedshambles2


Speed Freakz 2 from Pixel Sunset Studio

It’s been a while since we last saw Speed Freakz but indie developer Pixel Sunset Studio’s N64 style arcade racer is back in action and better than ever with a highly improved new followup called Speed Freakz 2 that greatly enhances the series graphics alongside a bevy of other changes. Now players can put the pedal to the metal as well as shoot missiles at their opponents on all new tracks in all new vehicles, all with a fresh coat of paint.

speedfreakz2 speedfreakz23


Super Eli from CocoCat Games

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if Kirby were to swallow Spiderman, now you have your answer as indie developer CocoCat Games’ charming new physics platformer features something very similar with its rope swing based gameplay. As a super cute rain drop it’s up to players to sling their way through charming but dangerous levels filled with plenty of clouds to swing on and plenty of dangerous obstacles to watch out for.

supereli supereli2


Super Jelly Boy from Titan Bit Games

Yes, at first glance Super Jelly Boy does happen to bear a striking resemblance to a certain meaty fellow, however take a closer look and you’ll find this addicting challenge platformer has some interesting little twists of its own to add that help to give it a distinct personality. The biggest difference being the presence of a multitude of pesky enemies that introduce a novel mechanic not found in Super Meat Boy.

superkellyboy superkellyboy2


Super Sumo Rabbit from Devilish Games

In this absolutely bonkers but undeniably kawaii arcade puzzler from indie developer Devilish Games players will jump into a giant mechanized rabbit as they do battle with murderous cupcakes on the hunt for hipsters. In order to dispose of these rampaging confections players must bounce themselves at high velocity towards their enemies so as to knock them out of the enormous sumo ring they just so happen to find themselves in.

sumorabbit sumorabbit2


Swipe Breaker from World Away Games

Brick breaking games are as old as time, so if you’re releasing a game in that genre you’ve got to do something radically different nowadays if you want to have any hope of standing out from the crowd. Fortunately, and impressively, indie developer World Away Games’ terrific new touch-centric arcade game Swipe Breaker does just that by making one simple but extremely crucial change that upends the genre’s typical mechanics completely. Rather than control a paddle per normal here players use swipes to form the bar that the ball bounces off of, the catch being that it only lasts for a split second and can be drawn anywhere instead of just at the bottom of the screen.



Very Bad Roads from Laurent Bakowski

Fan favorite indie developer Laurent Bakowski is back in action with a terrific new installment in his uber-challenging physics heavy delivery game series Bad Roads called Very Bad Roads that does a bang up job of refining the franchise’s Trials-esque gameplay mechanics to a tea while simultaneously incorporating subtle new twists and a shiny graphical overhaul that has clearly seen a good deal of polish. The idea behind Very Bad Roads is simple, as a humble delivery vehicle driver it’s up to players to carry their cargo of crates as far as possible without spilling them all over the place due to the absurdly bumpy off road terrain they’re driving over. While it does retain the same core premise as previous entries in the Bad Roads series Very Bad Roads ups the ante from its predecessors in nearly every way with fine tuned gameplay, charming atmosphere, and plenty of stuff to unlock making it the best game in the Bad Roads franchise yet.

verybadroads verybadroads4


XTRIK from Nick Zangus

We’ve all been there, when the day has finally come to tackle the nightmarish jumble of power cords and cables lurking behind your tv set in search of that one plug you so desperately need. It seems indie developer Nick Zangus thought that this wasn’t punishment enough for humanity, so he has decided to unleash his fiendishly addicting new arcade puzzler XTRIK onto the world in order to put our untangling skills to the test. Surprisingly this makes for a really good game as here players must untangle an endless series of interconnected cords before they get caught on a nail by tapping between two of them to swap them which creates an interesting catch-22 gameplay mechanic. If you’re on the hunt for a great new endless game that will push both your reflexes and analytical skills to their limit be sure to give XTRIK a go.



Zoo Landing from TinyBytes

Addicting, well animated, and quite absurd, indie developer TinyByte’s wacky endless dodge ’em up Zoo Landing is all about climbing an infinitely tall building while dodging an everlasting cavalcade of weird objects so as not to become part of the inevitable pile of trash accumulating at the bottom. There’s also a neat redemption mechanic whereby if players are able to snag a certain power up on their way up they can hit it again on the way back down after falling in order to keep on going.




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