Published on June 29th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Belch Based Arcade Battler Don’t Eat Soap Slides Onto Android

After releasing his OHRRPGCE framework powered puzzle rpg Paladin Traducer indie developer James Paige has returned with an interesting port of his Bubble Bobble inspired OUYA arcade game Don’t Eat Soap that shows off the sheer versatility of the rpg tailored engine. An old school style adventure with a tongue-in-cheek message about oral cleanliness, Don’t Eat Soap challenges players with surviving 40 retro themed levels by burping out carelessly swallowed soap in the form of bubbles that will trap their enemies and allow them to be defeated. While Don’t Eat Soap doesn’t deviate too much from the Bubble Bobble formula it is still one of the best tributes to the arcade classic available and also offers controller support for those that want the full old school experience.

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