Published on June 29th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Go For The High Score In New Twitch Arcade Game Ding Dong

Fan favorite indie developer Nickervision Studios is back with yet another fantastic simple yet enchanting arcade game called Ding Dong that also serves as a spiritual successor to the developer’s previous title Bing Bong. While Bing Bong was more minimal in its design Ding Dong is its neon infused cousin, following a similar ball bouncing beat but injecting a lot more color into the formula and encouraging a more thoughtful play style. Players are challenged with shooting a ball back and forth betwixt the top and bottom of their screen while they dodge technicolored obstacles and grab helpful power ups. Ding Dong is yet another great game from Nickervision Studios anyone looking for a simple game they can sit down and play a few minutes while still having fun will enjoy.

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