Published on July 1st, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Retro Pillaging Sim The Last Vikings Lays Siege To Android

The indie developer behind Tiny Dice Dungeon, Space Lift Danger Panic, and other great games is back with a fascinating new retro arcade-strategy hybrid called The Last Vikings that aims to educate players on the finer points of sea based warfare and looting that its wacky characters revel in. Created by indie developer Springloaded Software, The Last Vikings is a silly but engrossing old school style action sim that puts players in charge of a merry band of vikings as they travel the seas raiding ports, dodging cannonfire, and doing battle with gargantuan sea serpents. As players progress further and further in The Last Vikings’ expansive game world they’ll find rare loot with stat boosting properties, powerful new characters, eccentric NPCs, and a ton of booty they can use to upgrade their rowdy rabble of viking conquerors. The Last Vikings is something quite different and not to be missed.

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