Published on July 2nd, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Mini’s Magic World Brings Co-Op Platforming To Android

A lot of games like to claim they are inspired by classics like New Super Mario Bros and Rayman Origins, but so few actually follow through on that thought process. Not so with indie developer Magory and it’s new platformer Mini’s Magic World however, as this charming kid friendly sidescroller packs both the light hearted aesthetic and multiplayer madness of its big name mentors into a fun old school style adventure. Up to 4 players can play on one device here with some surprisingly intricate button mapping for an Android game although that was probably necessitated by design. In addition to its co-op capabilities Mini’s Magic World is also a good Rayman esque platformer in its own right that any sidescrolling savant will want to check out thanks to its well thought out levels and nostalgic gameplay.

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