Published on July 3rd, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Colorful Endless Platformer RGB Pixel Bot Leaps Onto Android

An addicting new retro style platformer that combines simple controls with challenging color based gameplay has arrived called RGB Pixel Bot and its enjoyably nerve-wracking old school design mechanics make it a valid retort to the Doodle Jumps of the world. Released by indie developer Indot Studio, RGB Pixel Bot tasks players with launching their avatar as high as possible by climbing a series of multicolored conveyor girders while taking care not to fall off the edge of the building or accidentally set off any stray bricks of tnt. In order to ascend each floor however players must match their jump color with the color of the level they’re leaping to otherwise they’ll plummet back down to ground level and will have to start all over again. RGB Pixel Bot has a neat retro aesthetic that mimics playing classic games on an emulator and also allows players to unlock extra characters by simply watching a short ad rather than charging them real world money which is always good. Check it out if platformers are your thing.

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