Published on July 10th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Tactical Turret Shooter Prism Shell Maneuvers Onto Android

Most mobile shoot ’em ups nowadays tend to go with your typical virtual d-pad setup, but one adrenaline pumping new arcade style shooter by the name of Prism Shell is bucking that trend with an intriguing and intuitive single tap control scheme that works surprisingly well in concert with touch screens. Created by indie studio Brooklyn Gamery, Prism Shell is an arcadey survival shooter that tasks players with saving humanity by annihilating an invading alien fleet using their hyper advanced space ready hover tank and its formidable assortment of upgrade-able abilities. Due to its sheer firepower however players must position their tank at specific points on the map as the recoil from their cannon is too powerful to be launched on the move, which means players need to fire a quick volley at incoming enemy spacecraft and then immediately rocket over to a safer vantage point if they want to escape unscathed. As players down enemy ships they’ll gain XP that can be used to enhance their ships stats and energy capsules that will allow them to unleash a massive screen clearing hyper laser when enough are collected. With its novel control setup and intense arcade action Prism Shell is a great new mobile shooter any arcade aficionado will enjoy.

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