Published on July 12th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Avoid Becoming Fish Food In New Arcade Physics Game The Bait

Turtles aren’t exactly known for their agility, but a gorgeously animated new physics based arcade survival game called The Bait is set to change that with its tortoise daredevil protagonist and high flying antics. Released by indie developer Toka Loka Games, The Bait is a straightforward yet addicting arcade game where players control a terrified turtle trying to avoid being eaten by a “who’s who” of oceanic predators while he flails about on a flimsy bit of rope that can be moved left or right to swing him out of danger. Each type of fish has a different way of attacking which means players will have to watch out for everything from a gigantic screen filling shark to a sneak attack from a speedy and pointy blowfish. While the main idea is to avoid any contact with them players are able to jump on enemies heads ‘ala’ Mario provided they aren’t leaping into teeth which is a nice touch. Every now and then a coin will pop up that players can grab and use to unlock better stats, new equipment, and hilarious outfits. The Bait is an addicting new arcadey physics game with a lot of replayability built around a simple concept.

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