Published on July 14th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Hybrid Strategy Game Army Of Pixels Marches Onto Android

Lane defense strategy games tend to be rather dull affairs, but one interesting new entry in the genre called Army Of Pixels is bringing a more nuanced approach to things with its TCG-esque level of unit balancing that gives its gameplay an almost Chesslike feel. Released by indie developer Kalamona, this pixelated hybrid strategy romp utilizes both turn based and real time gameplay elements where players decide what units to deploy before the round starts and then attempt to counter their enemies forces in the next round with properly matched opponents. As opposed to being stuck with a single unit lineup players are able to mix and match their pixel army from 9 different categories of fighters that all have their own specialties. Keeping in mind it’s still got a few bugs to work out due to being in early beta as well as its campaign being a bit bland while it awaits future updates, strategy buffs looking for something with a little more depth will definitely want to check out Army Of Pixels.

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