Published on July 14th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Surreally Historic Physics Runner REDDEN Swoops Onto Android

A hauntingly beautiful new physics runner by the name of REDDEN is here and is likely the most artistically ambitious idea attempted in the genre to date. The brainchild of indie developer Team Bulosodeuk, REDDEN is an engrossing gaming experience that takes players on a time spanning journey as they follow the evolution of projectile weaponry and the warriors who wielded them. In between impressively animated cinematic cutscenes players take on the role of different airborne projectiles throughout history as they dip and weave through gorgeously designed levels en route to their ultimate target. Along the way they’ll be able to build up speed in order to take out additional unsuspecting foes for extra points but this can be tricky as players must time their attacks so as to expend as little momentum as possible. Both an enthralling storytelling experience and an intriguing physics runner, REDDEN is a very unique artistic endeavor that stands out from the crowd.

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