Published on July 16th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Fruity Puzzle Platformer Hop N’ Bite Leaps Onto Android

From the team behind previous ‘Indie Game Of The Week’ winner Portal Service comes a challenging new arcade style puzzle platformer called Hop N’ Bite that is equal parts charming and ruthless. This retro inspired sidescroller from indie studio 2Brosoft uses nostalgic game mechanics and clever level design in concert to create interesting puzzle scenarios that require both quick thinking and quick reflexes to surpass. As a purple cartoon bunny it’s up to players to collect all the fruit on each level without getting knocked out by a baddie which is easier said than done due to not being able to jump without the aid of objects in the environment. Fortunately players can warp from one side of the level to the other Kid Icarus style by walking off screen which plays an integral part in Hop N’ Bite’s puzzle design. Unlike many other puzzle platformers Hop N’ Bite is meant to provide a high level of difficulty once you get past the introductory stages so don’t expect any hand holding here. Hop N’ Bite is a challenging new puzzle platformer with great level design that platformer fans will enjoy.

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