Published on July 18th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


New Arcade Physics Juggler Grumblebugs Hops Onto Android

An adorably endearing new retro style arcade game by the name of Grumblebugs has hit the scene on Android with addicting physics based twitch gameplay and an impressive amount of polish that echoes the feeling of playing a classic first-party SNES title. Created by indie developer Wonderfling Studios, Grumblebugs is a straightforward but highly replayable arcade affair that challenges players with bouncing an army of cheery cartoon creatures off the bottom of the screen until they have enough to combine them together so they evolve into a singular unit that’s worth more points at which point the process starts all over again. It won’t be so easy as just juggling some digital lemmings however as in addition to keeping track of their minion’s trajectories players must also defeat level specific enemies before they kidnap any unsuspecting bugs in addition to utilizing the occasional multiplier power up. With its impeccable old school design aesthetics and awesome gameplay Grumblebugs is well worth checking out for any fan of addicting arcade style games.

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