Published on July 21st, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Gorgeous 3D TBS Game Mammoth Gravity Battles Zooms On Android

Anyone who grew up playing classic ‘Artillery’ style strategy games like Scorched Earth is in for a real treat, as a jaw-dropping new 3D spin on the physics heavy tactical simulation genre by the name of Mammoth Gravity Battles has arrived and is taking the concept to beautiful extremes. Created by indie developer Mammoth Thoughts, Mammoth Gravity Battles breathes new life into the traditionally 2D artillery game concept with its ambitious spatial strategy mechanics, deep orbital physics simulation, and mesmerizing cavalcade of awe inspiring visuals. Although you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to enjoy Mammoth Gravity Battles it would probably help as players are tasked with winning successively more complex 3D battle scenarios that require both strategic turn based thinking and an eye for trajectory manipulation over the course of its massive 60 level campaign. The gameplay in Mammoth Gravity Battles is at times both thoughtful and beautifully chaotic as players give precise orders to their units before the start of each turn with every faction on the space battlefield simultaneously performing their maneuvers. As well as a robust single player campaign Mammoth Gravity Battles also has single-device hotseat multiplayer support for up to 4 people which is something you don’t usually see in the strategy genre. If you’re into strategy games, getting Mammoth Gravity Battles is a no-brainer. It’s currently available on the Amazon Appstore and is expected to hit Google Play very soon, we’ll be sure to update this article when it does.

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