Published on July 23rd, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Unique New Physics Racer Brake To Win Drifts Onto Android

When you think of necessary elements required to make a successful racing game usually having a method of steering your car ranks pretty high up on the list, but one fascinating new 3D racer called Brake To Win is throwing this sacred gameplay tenant out the window with reckless abandon as its creators at the Interactive Systems Studio of Plymouth University have fearlessly expanded on their award winning 2013 ‘steering-free racer’ concept with an impressive new official version. This mobile focused spin on 90’s style racing games was created as an exercise in accessibility where traditional racing mechanics are subverted in favor of a novel limited control scheme where players only have access to the brakes and nitrous and must learn to work in concert with the AI controlled steering in order to successfully navigate the course. Just because a computer is controlling the steering does not mean Brake To Win is easy however, far from it, as the precision braking required to not fly off the side of the road around sharp corners can take on an almost physics puzzle style atmosphere at times. While the original concept version of Brake To Win only had a single car and track to offer this new official release of the game adds in varied course types, upgradeable equipment, and unlockable cars. Racing game fans looking for something different will definitely want to take a look at this unique take on the genre.

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