Published on July 28th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Kick Literal Butt In New Arcade Physics Minigame Swing Time

A simple but charming new retro styled physics game called Swing Time has arrived that lets players live out their childhood dreams of being king/queen of the playground. Being a playground monarch is not without its perils however as in this physics heavy survival game from indie developer John Langewisch players must keep control of a lone swingset by building up momentum and kicking any would-be usurpers out of their way. Like in real life, gaining momentum is accomplished by holding the screen on the downswing and if players haven’t gathered enough of it when they come into contact with a competing child they’ll take damage instead of delivering a face-full of foot. Fortunately players also have a nifty Matrix-style time slowing ability that allows them to charge up their swings with superhuman agility for dealing with multiple enemies and the occasional heart-restoring loop-de-loop. It’s a simple premise but it works well and gets pretty addicting once you get the hand of it. If you’re into addicting arcade physics games be sure to give Swing Time a go.

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