Published on August 1st, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Colorful Horizon Puzzler Sunset Manager Dawns On Android

From indie developer PapaQuark, the studio behind previous ‘Game Of The Week’ winner Space Forest Dilemma, comes a creative new color based puzzler called Sunset Manager that puts players in charge of the world’s most awe inspiring vistas by having them manipulate the color of setting suns so they match the ocean’s specific hue beneath them before they collide with one another. This straightforward yet unique twist on color matching mechanics requires both a deft hand and sharp eyes as instead of simply picking from a list of colors like in many puzzle games here players must adjust a series of RGB sliders with minute precision in order to match the ocean just right lest they take damage and lose the run. Perfect slider accuracy is rewarded by providing players with power ups such as a time stopping clock and healing stars that can be strategically employed to make it through difficult rounds. Sun-centric factoids and trivia abound, helping to contribute to Sunset Manager’s laid back feel. Puzzler aficionados looking for something unique will definitely want to take a gander at Sunset Manager.

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