Published on August 1st, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Save The Planet In New Eco Friendly Physics Shooter Volcano

An intriguing new environmentally conscious arcade shooter by the unassuming name of Volcano has arrived with a unique premise built upon solid physics based shoot ’em up mechanics. This new gravity centric shooter from indie developer ArBuZ Games puts players in the shoes of an ancient volcano at the dawn of time who witnesses the birth of the industrial revolution and does not like what he sees. As the wrathful lava spewing mountain it’s up to players to destroy humanity’s highly polluting machinery before it poisons the ecosystem by throwing fireballs all around the globe. Like a real-time arcade version of the classic game Scorched Earth players must rapidly aim their projectiles at these toxin spewing factories while adjusting their trajectory to account for gravity’s influence. As the levels progress additional challenges are added into the mix like a rotating globe and pollution clouds that help to shield the factories however players will also gain access to special power ups to help counteract this. If you’re a fan of physics based shooters be sure to check out Volcano.

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