Published on August 4th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Cinematic New Sci-Fi Rail Shooter Tether 3D Slams Onto Android

An impressive new on rails sci-fi shooter by the name of Tether 3D has arrived that blends together satirical cinematics, arcade shoot ’em up sensibilities, and a no-nonsense approach to game design that hearkens back to the golden age of light gun games. Released by indie developer ChickyWicky, Tether 3D is an unabashed love letter to classic arcade shooters like Time Crisis that recreates its action packed cover based mechanics while injecting the usual terribad cutscenes with a hilarious satirical bent that anyone who grew up playing these games will appreciate.

While many games like to claim they were inspired by classic light gun games Tether 3D is one of the few that completely succeeds at delivering the same kind of enthralling atmosphere as Area 51 and ‘balls to the wall’ gunplay of Crisis Zone thanks to its terrific level design evocative of a first party N64 title and fully voiced & animated cutscenes that aren’t afraid to be ludicrously campy at times. Although the cutscene dialog is corny by design the actual voice over actors themselves are surprisingly competent which plays a critical role in ensuring the comedic elements come across as charming instead of cringeworthy.

Tether 3D is completely free with players only ever seeing ads between levels which is laudable considering the levels in this game are rather meaty affairs much closer to the console concept of what a level is as opposed to the typical mobile counterpart. Fans of old school arcade shooters like Time Crisis will get a kick out of what Tether 3D brings to the table.

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