Published on August 6th, 2015 | by Craig Forshey


Classic DOS RPG Sword Of Jade Arrives On Android For Free

Fans of oldschool RPGs are in for a treat as the cult DOS classic Sword Of Jade has arrived on Android and best of all it’s completely free. This extremely meaty retro role playing game was the product of a six year development endeavor, and it shows; With an impressive size of scope and gameplay hours extending well into double digits Sword Of Jade’s content easily compares with the well-spent time investment of most SNES RPGs.

Re-released by the game’s original creators at indie studio Fyrewulff Independent Software, Sword Of Jade is an epic RPG in the vein of classics like Final Fantasy that adds in a few extra twists to the formula aside from offering players a detailed & sometimes quirky active-time battle system powered adventure populated with anthropomorphized animals. Intriguing ideas such as a ‘willpower’ mechanic that ties the amount of time players have to save the world with their desire to finish the quest and a time-of-day cycle that actually matters aside from just setting arbitrary quest limits help to accentuate this long lost gem and give it a voice all its own. If you’re a big RPG junkie you owe to yourself to check out this awesome, legendary, and completely free classic.

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